August 27, 2007

Value – what’s the big deal?

Ok, so many of you might be thinking – “Ok Govna, what’s the big deal with value, and what’s this Ultra-Value crap all about?”. Well, let’s start by talking about where I’m coming from with the Ultra-Value or UV concept. First off, we are all sales people, whether you think of yourself as one or not, you are. We all have to sell something in life; it maybe an idea to coworker, the need for a new computer to a manager, your boss on how much you deserve that raise, or even to your spouse on how great that shiny new Ducati 1098S with the Black and Red paint scheme will look in the garage; it’s all selling.

And we all have varying degrees of success with our sales; getting buy-in from a teammate on moving forward with your idea, getting approval for that new laptop, or getting that raise you deserve. But maybe you don’t succeed at all, and sometimes have to settle for a nice picture of that Ducati on your desktop instead of the real thing in your garage. What I’ve begun to learn, realize, and see in practice, is that the more you can prove the value of what your selling, the benefit of the thing you want someone else to agree with you on, the more your chances go up for success. Let’s face it; your coworker isn’t going to care about your idea unless it has a benefit to them. Your boss isn’t going to give you a raise unless they feel you’ve earned it. Your spouse isn’t going to agree to a new Ducati, unless there is a clear benefit to them. So it comes down to value, and the ability to communicate and relate that value. All the books I’ve read on selling, all the classes I’ve attended on selling, and all the mentorship I’ve had on selling have shared this simple concept; sell value and you can sell anything to anyone.

So what’s Ultra-Value; well it’s just the way I choose to look at that concept; in a competitive world, I feel that just selling some value will work, but not enough to take it to the next level. I don’t just want a customer for one sale; I want a customer for life. In order to get that type of relationship, the value has to be the ultimate, has to be the best that they can get has to be Ultra. That’s where I want to be, and that’s where I want my partners and clients I work with to be too.

Da Govna

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