August 27, 2007

From the ashes, we rise anew

Like the Phoenix being reborn from the ashes of it's fiery end, Da Govna has returned to the public eye, different, yet still the same at the core. Although my career has changed direction, and thus my life, world, and reality has changed with it, it is time again for my public face to be seen and known. To this end, I've started anew, with a new blog that is independent of my corporate ties, is a different direction then my previous venture, and it is my hope, more valuable then my past efforts. Thank you for stopping by, I hope for your return, and future discussions.

Da Govna.


jpostlewait said...

Yo Gov!
Glad to see you back.
Those Sales Lobotomy's take a while to recover from.

Da Govna said...

Thanks John, it's good to be back. The mind was cloudy for a while, but I think the affects are finally wearing off!


Keith M. Rice said...

What do you think about those comments by Shaan?

Da Govna said...

I think its great because A) Shaan gave the blog a plug, and he reaches a huge audience, and B) it reminds me that I do need to be aware that I represent Autodesk, even though its a blog hosted somewhere else. Thanks for checking in!